Integrated Automation Testing: A boon to Developers

In the fast-paced world today, it is always a daunting task for any company to keep up to the task of continuously maintaining and improving the efficiency of software systems development. However, many times, software testing is completely neglected because of cost and time constraints and this results in multiple errors and problems in the future. Thus, for CIOs, CEOs, and CTOs of start-ups and fast-growing IT companies, testing the software product is a must. But, continuous testing and bug-free reporting is a huge challenge.

Traditionally, testing means code testers, unit testers, and developers working in unison to unravel the final code. This sounds fine but the man hours and amount of resources required for doing this task is an issue. Although it may look easy and innocuous at the start, the real test starts when the software renders modifications and gets cumbersome. So, in these times of break-neck competition, launching the software products at faster speed along with code accuracy is absolutely necessary to produce an error-free and reliable product. Here, the deployment of the manual coding and testing army gets futile and automated integration testing software surfaces.

Benefits of integrated automation testing

Generally, complex software demand high technical agility and design superiority. In such scenarios, integrated automation testing provides a robust, reliable and affordable framework for design and development environment.

  1. While the traditional in-house testers follow the old convention of unit testing wherein each block of code is tested separately and Quality Assurance (QA) and testing are done in parallel which consumes a lot of time, energy and resources at length. In an automated integrated testing model, software testing and QA is carried on a single platform where integration can be done with IOS, Android, and web apps and that too at an attractive price point. Thus, testing of software can be done on different platforms or with different configurations.
  2. In integrated automation testing, all modules are collectively tested and focus is on the interface between modules.
  3. Manual bug detection is an arduous task prone to error and inefficiencies. In the integrated automation testing approach, tests are run repeatedly and quickly without user interaction and errors are easily identified and rectified quickly.
  4. Automated testing utilizes specially configured apps to automate the process of tests.
  5. Automated testing also acts as an enabler for the development team to design products as per user specs. Apart from this, the user experience test is carried out with feedback from the client.
  6. Automated tests are conducted across the whole layers of software to streamline the build process and automate the batch codes.
  7. Automated testing models like Selenium automate test patches and distribute it across various machines and browsers. This ensures all the components work in sync.
  8. Last but not least, automated integrated testing can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life.

Thus, the main objective of integrated automation testing is to simplify as much of the testing effort as possible with a minimum set of scripts. Crowd4Test is one such all-purpose platform which provides integrated automation testing services.

Why Crowd4Test?

  1. Crowd4Test can perform integration on a single platform for IOS, Android and Web applications.
  2. It can conduct test patches and stabilization to ensure software consistency and platform compatibility.
  3. Crowd4Test can offer a platform where companies can find all the crashes and bug reports with screenshots.
  4. As the framework is custom-built and ready-to-be-deployed, it results in the faster output.
  5. There is less maintenance required using Crowd4Test tool, thus, the overhead cost to maintain a QA team in-house can reduce drastically.
  6. As a consulting partner, Crowd4Test can suggest the improvisation along with feedback on usability or UI.
  7. Last but not least, through its QA experts, Crowd4Test can provide support during the entire automated integrated testing process.

In a nutshell, Crowd4Test can easily satiate all the needs of software testing by providing cost-effective integrated automation testing solutions.

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