Is managed crowd testing services an efficient way to test your success

In this digital era, as more and more start-ups are gaining ground in the country, the dependency on technology is rising and the need for efficient software testing is increasing manifold. However, limited resources, time and budget hinder effective software testing in a start-up and fast-growing software companies and they often tend to neglect it.

Often, start-ups and fast growing IT companies fail to realize that software testing can actually reduce the total cost of technology innovation while maintaining or improving the quality output. The fact that testing is a critical factor in ensuring specified software performance and speedy rolling out of software product without threatening the business continuity during the deployment phase, has prompted the software firms to adopt Managed Crowd Testing Services.

Managed Crowd Testing service is one of the fast-growing trends in the software testing world. As against the traditional software testing methods, Managed Crowd Testing is generally carried out by a large number of variable testers simultaneously. This allows the software to be tested under highly realistic conditions. Essentially, Managed Crowd Testing complements the existing testing procedures and is not a replacement of it. Many start-ups consider this method as highly fast, reliable and also cost-effective testing method.

Benefits of Managed Crowd Testing

  1. Managed Crowd Testing enables the companies to cover every device, browsers, OS version, region, network, and language.
  2. It makes it possible to test the application in different situations and environments.
  3. As against the other software testing methods, Managed Crowd Testing allows the start-ups to get quick test results as the crowd testers are located across the globe and available all the time.
  4. Managed Crowd Testing Services can significantly reduce the total cost of testing and overhead costs, thereby, leading to huge savings and lower operational costs.
  5. It can offer standardization of reliable and best-practice test processes.
  6. Measurable improvement in quality, greater precision and less of defects can be seen, if Managed Crowd Testing Service is adopted by the start-ups.
  7. Managed Crowd Testing can definitely lead to greater transparency of the testing processes and procedures as it is not biased and affected by the internal concerns of the start-ups.
  8. Even scalable resources and flexibility of delivery could be achieved through Managed Crowd Testing.
  9. Through Managed Crowd Testing, start-ups can easily take experience feedback from diverse real users.

Overall, Managed Crowd Testing can prove highly beneficial for companies looking for transforming their testing functions and achieving high-quality systems at a low cost without incurring large overhead costs and performing daunting day-to-day responsibilities and at the same time, not at all losing the overall control.

Why Managed Crowd Testing Service from Crowd4Test?

Our expert software testers will work with you to thoroughly understand all your requirements. After that, they will design a test plan, and then guide the crowd testers to test the software in the manner which matches all your needs.

The benefits offered by us are:

  • When the app needs to be tested on a large variety of devices and platforms, across a variety of networks in India or abroad, a number of challenges come up due to the number of devices and duration of testing. Crowd4Test can help start-ups to ward off these issues easily.
  • We can arrange to test on 600+ devices at a time and entire testing process can be completed merely within a week.
  • We can perform integration on a single platform for IOS, Android and Web applications.
  • We have nearly 780+ crowd testers spread across the globe.
  • We can help you assess your software by end-users engagement even before its launch.
  • We follow a two-level validation process where first the defects are identified and then the report is generated for the client.
  • We can offer a platform where companies can find all the crashes and bug reports with screenshots.

Our Managed Crowd Testing Services can lead to high-cost optimization as well as noticeable improvement in the testing quality, various processes, all the deliverables and results and flexibility of test operations. So, with Crowd4Test, a start-up or a fast-growing IT company, can relax on the software testing front and enjoy the unmatched testing services provided.

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