Software Testing

Some top trends in software testing that we can expect to see in 2023

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Test automation

As more and more organizations come to understand the advantages of automation, the trend towards automating tests will only continue to spread.
This will involve a greater uptake of automated testing tools and frameworks like Selenium, Appium, and Robot Framework.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Testing

AI and ML will be used increasingly frequently in testing. These tools can be used to automate testing procedures, spot patterns in test data, and even recommend test cases based on past outcomes.

Continuous testing

Rather of waiting until the conclusion of the development process, continuous testing involves testing frequently and early on. As businesses strive to produce software more quickly and frequently, this trend will only intensify.

Shift-Left Testing

This is a methodology that emphasizes testing early in the development process, as close to the requirements stage as possible. This technique will gain popularity as businesses look to find and address flaws earlier in the development process.

Testing in the Cloud

As more businesses migrate their apps to the cloud, cloud testing will spread. This involves utilizing cloud-based testing tools and cloud-hosted application testing.

Mobile testing

As more individuals utilize their mobile devices for both personal and professional activities, this crucial trend will only increase. This will involve testing for various form factors, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as various operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

Overall, these trends show a sustained focus on automation, early testing, and the delivery of software in a timely and effective manner.

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