How Artificial Intelligence will bring changes in Testing

Testing can be the huge hurdle in any organization’s journey towards continuous delivery. Most of the companies fail to cycle through testing, acceptance, and regression quickly enough to release at the speed they need. We suggest AI based testing apps thoroughly into software development and systems management.

Whether it be the information technology, finance, health, or entertainment sector every industry is trying to innovate and use AI-based apps that help automate tasks. This build testing the apps for automation a business-critical activity. However, there are several testing related challenges that an organization may face while implementing AI for testing apps for quality such as:

  1. Identifying the exact use cases
  2. Lack of awareness on what really needs to be done
  3. Verifying the behavior of the apps based on the information that has been driven
  4. Testing the app for functionality, scalability, performance, security, stability, and much more for it to be successful

Salient benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Testing

Improved Accuracy

Even the most professional tester is bound to make mistakes while carrying out manual testing. This is where automation testing helps you to perform accurately and never miss any of the results. The tester will be free from repeatedly working on the same manual testing and have time to focus on creating apps for automated testing.

Going beyond the limitation of Manual Testing

It’s almost impossible for most of the significant quality analyst department to execute a controlled and organized product/ application tested with 1000+ users. But with automated testing, one can achieve the goal of hundreds to thousand virtual set of users.

Helps both Testers and Developers

Automated testing helps the developers to identify the bug, error, and problems quickly before it has been sent to the QA department. Testing will be performed automatically whenever there is a change in the source code and will be notified to the developer and testers. This will helps to increase the time and confidence level of the developer and testers.

Increase in overall test coverage

With the help of automated testing, we can increase the analysis depth and scope of the result in the quality of the product or application. The test automation can execute 1000+ different test cases in every test run providing coverage that is not possible with manual testing.

Save Time + Money = Faster Time to Market

The testing has to be executed repeatedly whenever the source code is modified which take much of the time and cost and it will affect the other testing which is in the queue. But the automated testing can execute many times by itself with zero additional cost and with much faster pace from days to hours to make the final report.

There are some popular AI based automation testing tool used which are

  1. Testim
  2. Appvance
  4. Functionalize

In day to day life, artificial intelligence finds its own way in software development life cycle where it should be implemented fully within the product for practices. Post the initial investment to set up an AI system in test automation is carried out, organizations are bound to produce greater testing results for less money.

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