On behalf of Crowd4Test, I would like to share the roller coaster experience of our recent Project X with one of our clients (Name of the Client Censored)

Before getting into the story a short glimpse of what is it about?

  • Exploratory Testing 
  • 2 SIM Operators only
  • 7 Days Project Duration
  • 15 Different Devices
  • 22 Cities
  • 22 Testers
  • 53 Defects Found
  • 48 Critical & Major Defects Found
  • 1 Happy Client

About Project X

Project X was based on Exploratory Testing where an android application has to be tested with different testers located across India.

Project X should be carried forward and tested only with 2 particular SIM operators.

Requirement for Project X

  1. First and the major challenging requirement was to identify testers with 2 particular SIM operators.
  2. Second requirement was to identify freelance testers across India.
  3. The third requirement was a freelance tester with Android device only.

About Client

We would like to say one thing about the client is “TRUST” the trust which he has on us and handover over the project and cheers us to start working on it.

We didn’t get interrupted by the client by asking the status of the project in-between instead it was explained clearly at the start and the ownership to finish it successfully was given to our team.

The client was super excited to see the final report of the project and when he goes through the reports he was happy and satisfied where it was more than what he expected.

If you want your app or website to be tested and want it to be bug-free you are always welcomed Happy Client

About Testers

We have gone through a lot of struggles in choosing the right tester for the Project X because it’s not only about choosing the right testers, it’s about tester with 2 particular operators, different cities, and android device.

After all the hard work and efforts we finally got the tester with all the requirement which was mentioned above. We explained in detail about the project to all the assigned tester.

The tester worked really hard for all the 7 days in testing the application and raising the valid defects by keeping in mind that “Quality in Delivery” to the client.

If you are a freelance tester and want to be a part of a challenging project like this you are always welcomed Happy Tester

Final Report of Project X

  1. Total of 22 freelance testers across 22 different cities has worked on Project X
  2. Each of the 22 tester used their own SIM with their unique Android device.
  3. Total of 53 defects was found and out of those 48 were critical and major defects.
  4. The final report with all the 53 defects was sent to the client and all defects were valid and approved.


On the whole, it was a really a thrilling experience (as if your parachute didn’t open while skydiving and half the way finally it opens) from getting the project from the client to looking for freelance testers with particular SIM operators till the defects were approved by the client. We take this as a challenging and learning phase for the upcoming hurdles in the future.

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