The Covid-19 pandemic has reformed the business landscape for the planet. it isn’t only a health crisis of immense proportions—it’s also an imminent restructuring of the world economic order. Consequently, there are now learnings to think about when pivoting toward the “new normal” which will help organizations thrive within the future. Will this stimulate crowdsourcing post Covid-19? or will the offshoring tradition administrated post pandemic?


With a market greater than $50B in India alone, the worldwide offshore market has been very successful within the past few years with none reconsideration. How ever there could also be some recent development that emerge thanks to Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the offshoring firms aren’t prepared for this pandemic and also the lockdowns. Especially the offshoring teams don’t seem to be responsive to this work from home scenarios but any how they still manage the performance and client requirement by tackling the operational challenges. the businesses which are more relied on offshoring firms for his or her software testing services are now left within the stagger.


Crowdsourcing has become a crucial tool for businesses to leverage in an exceedingly sort of areas, including data collection, creating operational efficiencies, and general problem-solving. the rationale the gang testing model remains a reliable answer even during COVID-19 is that it’s always done remotely, via a community of testers who already add remote environments. Many highly visible companies have utilized crowdsourcing in numerous ways, whether it’s to bolster their current product offerings, obtain consumer data to steer future product decisions, fund smaller creative projects, and far more.

Offshoring/ Outsourcing VS Crowdsourcing

The Covid-19 has revealed most of the blemish within the offshoring/ outsourcing and crowdsourcing both can go head to move on several various factors. It can have a small negative impact over the projects so can the zone difference and language barriers.

Industries are using crowd testing for year’s. Crowd testing has became more popular operative model during this pandemic furthermore as before it with in-house testing team to enhance integrated QA testing.

While comparing offshoring/ outsourcing and crowdsourcing the offshoring is nothing but sharing the testing with another company or a office, whereas crowdsourcing or testing which needs a specific place where they manage community of testers who will do all there work remotely.

Crowdsourcing gives the experts to handpick the skilled testers from different and diversified background. the group testing allows the brands to check their product with the group of testers who are the important consumers of the merchandise which the clients are targeting. this may be distributed for the local projects or bigger projects across multiple markets and regions.

In today’s digital world the importance and demand of the app’s are increasing efficiently and also the user have high expectation and therefore the apps must pass the QA to increase the life cycle. But the normal offshoring isn’t any longer meeting the expectation of accelerating demands of app quality.

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