India is still fighting hard during the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote working has become a New Normal to the organizations. However, this gave most of the companies a chance to explore new employment models. Many companies are now evaluating an alternative workforce model with the employees as freelancers and remote workers.

Demand for freelance jobs is on the rise as organizations get increasingly used to the virtual workplace and remote working, and in some cases look at cutting fixed employee costs post the Covid-19 outbreak.

Large companies in sectors such as IT and IT-enabled services, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, education, professional services, and consulting are now looking at utilizing freelance talent more than before.

Benefits of hiring a freelancers

Flexibility and Special Expertise

Freelancer talent offers your business flexible access to special expertise at the proverbial drop of a hat.

Reduced Risk

The fact that freelancers are not technically employees greatly reduces the risk your company may incur.

Fewer Responsibilities and Less Supervision

Freelancers help you and your colleagues avoid unnecessary headaches, too. Independent contractors usually require a low level of supervision due to the fact they’re representing themselves. They’ve likely performed hundreds or thousands of gigs previously, and know-how to approach a project swiftly and intelligently with little hand-holding after all, their livelihood depends on it.

High Quality of Work

For freelancers, building and nurturing relationships is everything. And what’s the most integral part of any business relationship? Turning in high-quality work.

While normal employees may be more sporadic when it comes to consistent quality, a freelancer’s motor is always running high. This is because in running their own business, contractors are heavily reliant on repeat business. Hence, they’re uniquely motivated to provide stellar work and excellent turnaround times. Nothing is guaranteed for a freelancer, so they take nothing for granted. This outlook will only benefit your business.

Worldwide Reach

When you hire a new in-house employee, you’re pulling from a finite pool. Future employees must either already live in your immediate region or be willing to relocate on short notice.

Conversely, if you decide to look for a remote resource, freelancers aren’t in-house and thus don’t need to hail from or relocate to a certain area. This offers your company a worldwide reach when choosing talent for tasks.

I want to hire a freelancer – where should I start?

Thankfully, in the age of the Internet, it’s easier to hire freelancers. Aside from having Google at your disposal, there are several available websites to hire freelancers – such as Crowd4Test. What makes Crowd4Test different from others, is this:

  • We help you to fit with the right freelancers registered with us
  • We have skilled and talented freelancer across 120+ countries
  • Successfully executed more than 100+ freelance projects

Overall, our survey shows that many are optimistic about the future and believe that it’s just a matter of time until businesses get back on their feet and return to outsourcing. As more businesses around the world adapt to working online, it’s clear that remote work may be here to stay.

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