Why should you be a part of crowd4test family?

Crowd4Test is one of the world’s leading organizations leveraging the power of the crowd to deliver simple, elegant, and cost-effective testing in a user-centric world. It gives you the ability to radically expand your in-house testing team for a fixed short duration of time without investing in headcount and hiring.

As a Tester:

why should I join?

  1. Plenty of opportunities for fresher, experienced, and people who are will to restart their career
  2. Through it’s a freelance opportunity work from where ever you are in the world
  3. Work as a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis employee
  4. A chance to handle various and different kind of project in a short span of time
  5. People who are boredom of their regular 9-5 job can join with us

How does it work?

  1. Sign Up if you are a new tester or log in with your email id and password
  2. Test Mobile Apps/ Desktop Apps/ Websites depends on your skills and project requirement
  3. Submit the performance report of the product
  4. Get paid on your project completion

What is the  Benefit of being Tester?

  1.  Opportunity to interact directly with the client and fulfill the requirements
  2. You’ll be seeing rapid growth in your career under a short span of time
  3. Test your skills and develop your experience and confidence level in the field of testing
  4. You can easily allocate time for your personal and professional life as being a freelance tester

As a Client/ Customer:

Why should I join?

  1. Test your product with 5000+ freelance tester located all over the world
  2. You can test your products in the real world with more than 1200+ devices and counting
  3. We assure that your products will be tested across all compatibility such as device, browsers, operating systems, Android versions, networks, locations
  4. Save your time and money by submitting your product with us rather than hiring testing resources and pay for them

How does it work?

  1. Sign Up if you are a new client/ customer or log in with your email id and password
  2. Test your product (Mobile Apps/ Desktop Apps/ Websites) with freelance testers
  3. Get the performance report of your product
  4. Pay for the testers worked in the project

What is the Benefit of being Client/ Customer?

  1. Your product will be tested as per your requirement and delivered on time
  2. Transparent in communication between testers, crowd4test, and you
  3. Your product will be assigned to the right skilled and experienced testers and we will make sure that it’s bug-free with good user experience
  4. We assure that we will deliver your product with high quality at a reasonable cost

We have around 100+ happy and satisfied clients with almost 1500+ product tested. We would be happy if you join our family as a Customer/ Client to test your product. If you are a freelance tester then you can join us as a Tester to work with us.

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