Freelancing is one of the most booming concepts in today’s trend in any field. Even if you are a developer, UI & UX designer, digital marketer, communication expert, testers freelancing play an equal role as of full-timers.

Most of the people choose their career as a freelancer because of individual independence, flexible working hours, work from home opportunity, payment on time, pre-planning according to the project deadline, direct interaction with clients.

5 Things that a client expect from a freelance tester

Once you become a freelancer a got a project from a client based on your skills and experience there are 5 major things that a client will be expecting from a freelance tester, the 5 important things that a client/ customer will expect is:

Cost Benefit

We all think of buying or selling a product, where cost plays a major role and it is always one of the deciding factors.

We do eagerly wait for the clearance sale, amazon great Indian sale, Flipkart big billion days, we became one of the craziest buyers at that time.  It is a simple human behavior to expect the right or extra worth for our money.

Cost-benefit is one of the key factors which boost the customer-service relation. In what all ways can a customer be beneficial by cost

  1. Think out of the box to save the expenditure of the client.
  2. Be transparent on what you spent and what you gain to the client
  3. Explain briefly about what are you going to do in terms of client satisfaction
  4. What other service companies are offering their clients at what costs is important to keep your budget as of the requirement

Quality of Work

The unique thing which a customer look for from a tester is quality and quantity. The number of tasks that have been completed by a particular tester within the span of time given to him and how efficient and bug-free he has tested the application or a product.

Those days are like too many test cases has been created for a single product and it has been tested by more manual tester where it takes a lot of time and the possibility of having mistakes are high. But right now a lot of free automation tool is there in the market which produces bug-free and fast results in testing fields.

Business Grasp

This is one of the most important things where how quickly the tester grasps the business requirement and move accordingly. However, it is sad that some testers believe that their job is to write test cases based on FRS and make no effort to understand the business.

Try to know the understanding of the business first and then the functionalities. If you came to know more about the client need more and test accordingly. The more you grasp the business as quickly as possible the more you can develop your requirement in it.


The meaning of availability doesn’t mean a person or a team should be there 24*7. It just means clear and upfront communication about time off, alternative plans, and is reachable through various mediums.

There are cases where customers request for weekend support or extended work hours. Such cases should also be planned by rotating resources. A team should consist of members who can backup each other if required. The planned details should be shared with the customer.

Sphere of Improvement

Bringing improvement for the business or a project is not a one day job it requires a lot of hard work and experience. The improvement can be done based on three things:

Identify/ Research Once you come across the requirement do a lot of research on it and identify things which will make a gradual growth in the business. When you decide that you want to continue with the same project or you want to move up on will be in the improvement phase.

Implement Just go with all the strategy that you have identified and researched. All the things can’t be done manually few has to be done using automation.

Evaluate After you research and implemented things just evaluate and check whether it is going in the right path or not. The job is not done on creating and evaluating things its to monitor the benefits over a period of time to be perfect and present the results to your clients.

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