Web App Testing


87.5 percent of searches made worldwide are through Google in which 20 percent is through voice search. Speak into a digital apparatus, and presto: Play a melody song, find the nearest Italian restaurant, call your mom or book an appointment with a spa. According to a new report by a market research firm called Futuresource Consulting, Siri is the most popular virtual assistant across the world with a 35 percent market share. Microsoft’s Cortana is, surprisingly, at the second spot with a 22 percent share. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa account for 9 percent and 4 percent of the market respectively. Voice-based device/ App Voice devices are smart devices designed specifically for getting tasks done through voice conversations. These devices are always awake and listening. There are two such devices that are ruling the market those are Google Home and Amazon Echo. These devices can be used for setting up alarm, reminders, searching the web, and even ordering food. Layers in…