FAQ For Testers

What is crowdsourced testing?

Crowdsourced Testing consists of delegating software testing tasks to a community of expert quality assurance testers through an online platform. It is quickly emerging as the most efficient way to streamline interactive software products and improve the quality of the web and software products published by developers. This method of testing is considered when the software is more user-centric i.e., software whose success is determined by its user feedback and which has a diverse user space.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and they don’t have any long term commitment with that organization.

What is the advantage of being a freelance tester?

Opportunity to interact directly with the client and fulfill the requirements. You’ll be seeing rapid growth in your career under a short span of time. Test your skills and develop your experience and confidence level in the field of testing. You can easily allocate time for your personal and professional life as being a freelance tester.

Can I work as a part-time tester?

Yes, Crowd4Test gives you an opportunity to work on an hourly, part-time, and full-time based upon your convenience.

How much experience do I need to be a freelance tester?

Crowd4Test owns many projects that will be suitable for all the skill set ranging from beginner to experienced.

How much do I earn as a freelance tester?

The pay scale for the freelance testers depends on various factors such as time spent, the difficulty of the task, the number of valid bugs found in the project.

When will I get the money for a project?

The amount for a project will be credited to your crowd4test wallet once it has been accomplished. Testers can release the amount to your bank account (India Testers) and PayPal (International Testers)

When will I be assigned with a project once I registered?

The project will be assigned based on 2 factors one is the availability of the project and the other is based upon the skill & experience of the tester.

What are the data will be collected and how secured will be the data?

Crowd4Test will collect information such as personal details, skills, experience, location, devices, etc. The data which is collected by us will be safe and secure and will not be leaked at any point of time.

Is there any option to delete my account from crowd4test permanently?

Yes, you can delete your account permanently from crowd4test at any point of time when you wish to leave.

FAQ For Clients

What is the role of the client in crowd4test?

The clients are the key success of the crowd4test and we are here functioning for the clients (business owners & app developers). As a client, you can test your app using our platform using services such as private, DIY, and managed.

How can I become a client of crowd4test?

If you are owing a business and have your own website or/and app the your at the right platform. You can register with us as client here to test your app or/and website.

What are the types of services offered by crowd4test?

Crowd4Test offers 3 types of service such as private, DIY, and managed. In private, you will be acting as test managers and you have to assign with your own testers. In DIY, the tester will be yourself and you should have your own tester and you have an option to pick some testers from crowd4test also. In Managed, everything will be handled by the crowd4test and the final report will be submitted to you.

What is the pricing of all the services?

The pricing (Private, DIY, and Managed) offered by the crowd4test will be different from each other. Get more information about pricing here.

Will my app be tested with real-time devices and users?

Yes, your application will be assigned and tested with more than 5000 testers located all over the world and 1500 real-time devices which the testers have registered with us.