Client Reviews

Crowd4Test - User
"Their platform offered a very easy to use DIY solution for configuring the test cases and getting them executed through their vast network of global testers. Their managed services team was even more excellent: well organized, very methodical in reporting and collaboration"

Sreehari UnnikrishnanCEO SMACAR Solutions

Crowd4Test - User
"Crowd4test is a good solution for start-ups to test their application with real technical users Professional test management team supported us in discovering defects and fix it quickly ."

Yuvaraj ThanikachalamCo-founder & CEO

Crowd4Test - User
"I really found the bugs raised useful and the way screenshots were provided was really helpful. It really helped us make a better product. We will use Crowd4Test in the future."

Ankit AggarwalCo-founder Rydo

Crowd4Test - User
"It was a great experience working with Crowd4Test and its testing community, it was simply just an extension to our in-house team with great savings. We would recommend Crowd4Test for all the mobile apps that needs testing. "

Dinesh KumarCo-founder ConfirmtKt

Tester Reviews

Crowd4Test - User
"Projects are good workwise. However, things that should be improved - Prior to detailed information about the task is not given. For example, before any task starts, how much payout will be given should be clearly mentioned somewhere as it would help testers to decide. If asked to managers, they have a rough range to tell which may not be okay for every tester I believe. "

Mitesh ShahIndia

Crowd4Test - User
"My experience was globally good. But there are some small issues that I want to put out. As a team, we suppose to be connected when a project is around, but I realize that it’s not possible to talk to any members of Crowd 4 Test, if you are having any questions, they can’t answer you. You have to try to be present for all your tester, one last thing, you need to be transparent with our payment, tell us why and when we should be paid after any project. You lack very communication"

Eric DanteFrance

Crowd4Test - User
" They can organize for more cycles and payouts often for the testers if we get maximum cycles for a tester that will be awesome. But overall I had a good experience. "

Hrvoje Nikolic Croatia

Crowd4Test - User
"Working with Crowd4Test for 2 yeays, Good Experience with Crowd4Test. Very organised project assignment and good testing experience."

Shubham KumarIndia